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June 15, 2011

Kelowna businesses that want to get an edge on their competitors and enjoy top search engine placement need an effective SEO strategy. Having a nice website, great content, and suitable keywords may not be enough to get the web results that you would like. Learning the best practices and ins and outs of SEO requires a lot of time and diligence, as the rules are always changing. Rather than take time away from what you do best and growing your business, it's a smart move to trust your SEO to a Kelowna SEO expert.

More important than hiring an SEO expert is seeking out someone who is local. While some companies try to reach a broad demographic that spans the entire country, most businesses do best when they target specific key markets. Not only will a local professional have expertise when it comes to helping your website excel, he will be familiar with the community where you do business. This will allow the local SEO expert to reach your desired demographic more effectively than someone who has little knowledge of the area.

A professional whose business it is to be internet savvy and keep up with the latest goings on in the field of SEO will ultimately save you time and money. They'll know the tactics that actually work and bring you results, and they won't waste time employing outdated or harmful SEO practices. The Kelowna SEO professional that you work with will analyze your business's website, perform keyword research, and create an SEO strategy that's tailored to your business, its goals, target audience, and resources. The result will be a website where each page is optimized to reach potential customers at various stages of the buying cycle, whether you sell products or services.

Consulting EMethod - a Kelowna SEO professional will get your business's website on the right track and allow it to reach its full potential.

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Design a Productive and Stress-Free Home Office in 6 Easy Steps

Design a productive and stress-free home office in 6 easy steps (with pictures):
1. Make your cable clutter disappear.
2. Get the biggest desk you can fit in your office.
3. Make a peripherals playpen.
4. Use multiple monitors.
5. Store documents and tools in filing…

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An Innovative Resume Template that Includes Testimonials

Thumbnail image for An Innovative Resume Template that Includes Testimonials

Download this resume template to showcase:
1. Your top 6 skills.
2. Two supporting points per skill.
3. Two supporting testimonials per skill.

A client recently recommend me to a Vice President (VP) that was hiring for her business.

After the VP glanced at…

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3 Tips to Make your Ideas Sticky

Thumbnail image for 3 Tips to Make your Ideas Sticky

3 tips (from the book Made to Stick) to make your ideas sticky so that people remember them and take action:
1. Make your ideas simple.
2. Make your ideas concrete.
3. Make your ideas into a story.

Transcript below:

Good evening everyone. I hope you all…

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Mount your Computer Monitors to Save Desk Space

A monitor mount lifts your computer displays above your desk so that you can:
1. Use as many monitors as you need.
2. Make use of all of your desk space.

A second monitor can increase your productivity and save you time.

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6 Resources that Will Improve Your Writing

6 of the best resources for writers:
- 3 Books (1 for basics, 1 for reference, and 1 for sticky writing).
- 2 Websites (1 for web writing and 1 for content marketing).
- 1 App (a dictionary).

[Insert here the blah-blah intro

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10 Simple Tips to Get More People to Read Your Writing

10 ways to format content for the web. Follow these simple design tips to instantly get more people to read your content.

Your web content must be simple, short and scannable.

Use these 10 design tips to break big, uninterrupted…

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