There is a famous Canadian singer named Kevin Kane. I'm not him.

Hi, I’m Kevin Kane and I work for Challenger in Cambridge, Ontario.

I help Challenger onboard new customers. I facilitate the onboarding process so that we begin serving new customers successfully and quickly.

I looked at my LinkedIn endorsements and I found that my colleagues described me as a leader who gets results for clients while maximizing profits.

They said my top 3 skills are:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Attention to details
  3. The ability to teach skills and share knowledge

They said my top 3 characteristics are:

  1. Initiative
  2. Energy
  3. A focus on results

I mostly write about marketing, communication and technology. I’ve also written for The Motley Fool, Ask The Headhunter and the Journal of Applied Psychology.

What is Core Communication?

I try to deliver core solutions for real problems. I try to take complex information and reduce it to its core problem or solution.

The process is not about dumbing down. It’s about prioritizing. Because we can only deal with so much information at a time.

If you make a speech with 10 points great points, a day later your audience might not remember any of them. It’s too much information to recall. When you communicate then, it’s essential that you strip your idea to its core: the essence or key idea of your message.

The hallmark of a great stylist is the ability to take a difficult idea and express it as simply as possible. ~Bryan Garner.

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Are you Canadian? If so, The Best _ Worst of Canada will likely reveal some things you didn’t know about The Great White North — and I had a lot of fun writing it.


  • I love weight-training. I train at GoodLife Fitness and at home.
  • I also love tennis. I don’t play anymore, but I’m still a big fan of the sport.
  • I’m a vociferous reader, especially in the areas of communication, marketing, leadership and technology.


I have a BA in Psychology from the University of Waterloo.

I’ve also completed several courses toward my Canadian Institute of Transportation and Traffic (CITT) designation.

About This Site

I wrote about setting up my blog here: How to Easily Start a Blog and Get Your Own Domain Name.

Let’s Connect

I always like meeting new and interesting people.

Email me at kevin@kevinkane.com

If we’ve met each other then please feel free to connect with me on either LinkedInFacebook, YouTube or Twitter. I prefer LinkedIn.

I live in Kitchener . If you live nearby then we can even connect face-to-face for coffee! Imagine that in this day and age.