I joined Toastmasters to practice making presentations. It’s a safe place to learn how to connect, inform and persuade. Some of my speech videos are below.

Do you wish you could speak in public more confidently? Would you like to be a more interesting or persuasive presenter?

I sure do.

So I’m a member of Toastmasters. Toastmasters lets you build your speaking and leadership skills in a supportive environment.

You can visit most Toastmasters clubs (I’m in the Unionville Toastmasters club in Markham) up to 3 times as a guest to see if you might want to join. Membership is about $150 a year and you can attend weekly.

I tape my speeches because reviewing your presentations on video is one of the fastest ways to improve your speaking.

If you’re presenting without taping, it’s like painting while blindfolded: you can’t see what you did.

And getting feedback from people when you haven’t yet seen your speech is like them telling you what they like and don’t like about your painting before you’ve even seen it.

You can see my presentations below or you can click on each speech if you want to see more details (such as the transcript and slides).

My goal is for my talks to get better over time. These videos will show if I’m improving or not.

If you watch one of my talks, please feel free to leave a comment either on my web page or on YouTube. I’d like to know what you liked and where I can improve.


1. Competent Communication Speech 1 — The Ice Breaker — September 20, 2010:

If You Can Meet With Public Speaking Triumph and Disaster, and Treat Those Two Imposters Just the Same.

2. Table Topics Master — September 27, 2010:

4 New Ways to Be a Great Toastmasters Table Topics Master.

3. Table Topics (impromptu speaking) Contest — October 4, 2010:

My First Speaking Contest. Spoiler: I Lost. Badly.

4. Competent Communication Speech 2 — Organize Your Speech — November 1, 2010:

She Knew How to Move Her Body, Work Her Hands, and Don’t Get Me Started on Her Eyes.

5. Competent Communication Speech 3 — Get to the Point — December 6, 2010:

Before Bed, Watch TED: 3 Ways that TED Talks Can Improve Your Speaking.

6. Competent Communication Speech 4 — How to Say It — January 10, 2011:

3 Tips to Make your Ideas Sticky.

7. Competent Communication Speech 5 — How to Create a Superhero Workspace, Part 1 — June 6, 2011:

8. Competent Communication Speech 6 — How to Create a Superhero Workspace, Part 2 — June 13, 2011: