An Innovative Resume Template that Includes Testimonials

Download this resume template to showcase:
1. Your top 6 skills.
2. Two supporting points per skill.
3. Two supporting testimonials per skill.

A client recently recommend me to a Vice President (VP) that was hiring for her business.

After the VP glanced at my resume, the VP said “I have no idea what this guy does.”

Fortunately my client came to my rescue:

“I know his resume sucks. But he doesn’t! Let me tell you about him.”

Because my client endorsed my work, the VP contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in discussing the position. I got lucky. Because if my client hadn’t vouched for me, the VP wouldn’t have been interested just based on my resume.

Is Your Resume Working for You?

The incident made me realize that if I’m not introduced to a hiring manager then I have a problem: My resume sometimes does a lousy job of generating interest in me.

To tackle the problem, I made a functional resume — but with a few twists that I haven’t seen before. Here’s my new format:

  • My top 6 skills, each written as a headline that shows the benefit of the skill.
  • 2 supporting points per skill.
  • 2 supporting testimonials per skill.

Testimonials are important because they build your credibility and authority. What others say about you is more believable than what you say about yourself.

The testimonials work best if you prove that they’re real by listing the link to them on your LinkedIn profile.

Feel free to download this template and use it yourself. Here’s my new resume (I removed my contact information from the header) in Microsoft Word format:

Let me know if you find this format helpful. And if you still think it sucks, let me know that, too. But please tell me why you think so.

And best wishes to you for your career and job search.

P.S. I believe that Nick Corcodilos and Seth Godin are right when they say that you should first do remarkable work and nourish your relationships rather than just use your resume as a crutch during your job search.